I’m a photographer, plant lady, dog mom, wanna be interior designer, and a lover of sunshine and Jesus. I’m from a very small town in between Dayton and Columbus. I believe I’ve been given this business to make people feel beautiful by showing their character. I’m obsessed with self discovery. I think the better you know yourself and understand your needs and thought process, the richer your life becomes. #Enneagram7 #ENFP

My favorite movie is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I rarely watch movies but when I do I want to hear a story I’ve never heard before and can’t predict. I’m a TV show lover. I put shows on when I edit. I’ve got a long list of there. My top 3 are Desperate Housewives, The Heart of Dixie and of course those beloved Gilmore Girls!

There are places, people and experiences in my life that I wish I remembered better than I do. Forgetting details about meaningful experiences is such a sad reality. Photography has the power to capture these things and be a physical reminder of some of the most joyful times in life. I want to give people the gift of memory they can hold on to and keep that joy forever.

About Jennifer Crews