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Morghann and Aaron have spent a good amount of time at The Columbus Zoo. Morghann used to work there, they went on several dates there, and – most notably –  Aaron proposed to Morghann, his high school sweetheart, in front of the reindeer. All that to say: it was a no-brainer we would do their photos at the zoo!

As soon as we met for our engagement session, they handed me a bakery box of the cutest cookies decorated like zoo animals. These are my kind of people – bringing me sugar before we even start!

I hadn’t been to the zoo in several years, so I don’t have the layout of the zoo memorized. That wasn’t a problem though because Morghann was the best tour guide. As we walked around she would tell Aaron and I what was in each building and give answers to all my questions about the ins and outs of how they did things behind the scenes. She knew all of the latest zoo news about what was recently born or what new animals would be arriving soon. She even knew some of their nap times and feeding times and as we approached each exhibit we found out that she was right.

When we made our way to the reindeer, Aaron was proud to tell the details of asking Morghann to be his wife. It was so sweet to see the joy that would spark in Morghann’s eyes when she got to fearlessly interact with all the critters. Aaron would look lovingly at her and you could just tell seeing her so happy made him happy, too.

We re created their proposal

We re created their proposal! I wonder if people at the zoo thought it was the real deal!?

May 21, 2019

Morghann+Aaron’s Engagement Session At The Columbus Zoo

  1. Jean Sly says:

    What beautiful pictures! Beautiful couple! So happy for them.

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