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Do you remember when you were a kid and would go to summer camp and have a blast with all of your friends getting sunburned and playing messy games? If you could bottle up that summer camp feeling, that is what being with Kody and Taylor is like. Their wedding day had perfect weather all day till the end, while we did a sparkler exit and it started to rain. Looks like they got that good luck rain anyways. Kody and Taylor held their wedding at a Christian Conference Center in Urbana, Ohio, with their friends and family.

I shot half of their portraits before the ceremony, right after their first look, where Kody was so blown away he lost a contact! But no worries because Taylor caught it in mid fall! I soon found out the bride and groom wanted to save their kiss of the day for the ceremony. We’re shooting and having a great time with poses and I would yell out “kiss kiss!” All excited because I knew how cute the picture would be if they would be kissing. They both looked at each other and were like “We can’t!” As we kept going they had to remind me three more times that they couldn’t. I would shout “Kiss kiss!” and they would shout back “We can’t!”

One of my favorite parts of the day is during Taylor’s first look with her dad. She gifted him socks with their faces all over them from when she was a little girl. Along with the socks was a sweet letter for him to read later. When I am shooting a first look I stay back and use what I call my creeper lens so that they truly have the best of both worlds. The moment together by themselves in time and get to have it documented too. Before they went inside the church to get ready to walk down the aisle, her dad asked if he could pray. They both held hands as he prayed for Taylor and Kody’s future, it was so beautiful.

During the reception they showed a slideshow of photos of them growing up together. Since they have dated all through high school they had all the photos you take before special school dances with their formal wear and corsages. How neat is it to think about all the times they were getting dressed up to go to those dances that one day Taylor would be getting all dressed up in a beautiful white dress, and not just a prom dress. This time to get married, but still to dance the night away!

At the time that the sparkler exit was supposed to take place it started raining. Seriously, Ohio? Well that didn’t stop us! All of their guest lined up under the church’s awning in the biggest tunnel. Big circles were made where everyone could light their sparklers all at the same time. Taylor mentioned the smell as they all were lighting up, as how nastalgic that smell is. Once the sparklers were lit, off Taylor and Kody were under the flying sparkles! From now on they will have a new memory to add to that nostalgia. A new chapter in their life as husband and wife.

June 11, 2019

Kody+Taylor Pritt // Urbana Christian Conference Center

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