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The wonderful world of social media brought these two love birds together. Savannah kept popping up on Michael’s feed and he thought he would reach out to her, while at the same time, Michael kept popping up on hers and “maybe” she was thinkin “How cute this guy was!”  At the time Savannah was bored and all of her dating relationships that she had had, She said “I swear if I have to go to the movies or out for dinner one more time I’m gonna lose it.” Just in time Michael ask her to go zip lining. Now that’s more like it. And the rest is history! If you are with them for just 10 minutes you’ll see how adorable and lovingly they are with each other so The Dragonfly, a new local winery was the perfect backdrop to have some fun in the vines with these two for their engagement session.

October 8, 2019

Savannah+Michael //Dragonfly Winery, Urbana Ohio

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