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When I walked into the hotel room of the girls getting ready I noticed something different that I’m not used to seeing. Maegan‘s bridesmaids had taken the time to decorate their room while they got ready with the banners with personalized messages to the bride and groom, balloons and even a bath and Body Works candle. It was so apparent the whole day of the oneness of family. Each side just took each other in like they were meant to be family.

Maegan and Ryan’s wedding was held at beautiful Pretty Prairie Farm in Urbana Ohio. Each detail of the wedding was so planned and thought out. From the fans that were handed out to the exclusive dessert bar that she had several friends and family help create. Each of them brought a dessert that they were famous for making to share with the wedding guest to create this dessert masterpiece.

As I was setting my lights up for the reception early in the day I noticed someone came into the barn. It took me a second to recognize him and realized that I had just met him. A couple weeks before this wedding I had met this guy at a wedding show and he is a videographer. I really like his work and I had even been sharing his name to a couple of my own brides, and here today I was going to get to work with him after just meeting him.

When it was time to take portraits we battled the misting rain hoping it wouldn’t go into a downpour however, we got lucky! The house that’s located on the farm has a beautiful front porch that ended up being a great place to shoot at while we waited for it to stop misting. But as always, everything worked out and we still got amazing portraits!

Megan and Ryan are both high school chemistry teachers. That’s how they met they would “help each other grade papers” in the beginning of their relationship. At the reception as her dad gave a speech, one of the things I remember that made me laugh is, when her Dad asked her what does she see in this boy? She replied “Dad he looks so cute in the ties that he wears to our meetings!” And right then and there he knew his daughter was in love.

If you happen to go to a wedding as a guest, do yourself a favor and anytime they are having speeches or a toast made to the bride and groom don’t just watch the person giving the speech. Watch the bride and the groom and see how they interact. It will literally melt your heart. When the bride or the groom hears someone talk about their newly wedded spouse the look of tenderness and joy is coming out of their faces. It’s just like the heart eyed emoji in real life. And that was the case for Maegan and Ryan. That kind of look like they’re the only ones in the room and that’s the only thing that matters.

Even though Ryan is a quiet individual he turns into an animal on the dance floor! Their friends really know how to have a good time and they stayed up until the last second to do such an adorable sparkler exit that included spins and kisses.

October 13, 2019

Maegan+Ryan Longbreak//Pretty Prairie Farm, Urbana Ohio

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