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I met Savanah my freshman year of college at Columbus College of Art and design. At the time she had a half shaved head and a love for make up. She had such a warm  personality always giggling and making jokes. She was my kind of girl and I knew we were going to be friends. I was fortunate to not live that far from college so I would drive every day to class. However Savanah lived In the dorms on campus. There was a few times that I took her home with me for the evening where she was able to kick back and relax and eat some of my mom’s home cookin’ that she loved.

Although we didn’t finish school together we still kept our relationship up. She did my hair for my wedding and even cut it a couple times. (she ended up going to cosmetology school, hints: the hair references)

I remember going to the hospital late at night when Able was born. That was my first session in a hospital with a newborn. And I loved it!  This was when I got to meet her husband, Jason. Not too long after they moved a couple states away because Jason is in the military. But lucky for me, family is still in the area so occasionally she comes back into town and we get to reconnect.

It’s so fun to me to see how much we’ve grown and changed as people from being 18 years olds that were fresh out of high school and to now adults who are married and have our own lives. We’ve both grown and grown with Christ, it’s so much fun to share stories and encourage one another.

Let me just take some time to brag on Savanah. She is one of the kindest and gentlest souls that I know. The patience that she has for her son who has autism literally blows my mind. For a fact I know that Abel has been blessed with such a wonderful mother who lets him experience life the way that he needs to experience life and doesn’t put pressure on him to be someone that he’s not.

Savanah is the kind of person who if you just need to talk she will always be there to listen and encourage you. I always pay attention to the way that I feel after hanging out with certain people. Did that person bring you joy, laughter, and life or did they bring negativity, stress and confusion to the rest of your day?  She is like a warm hug every time I’ve ever hung out with her. Always ready to make you smile.

Savannah you are so brave being a military wife and having all of the struggles that come at you dealing with the hectic life as you do it by yourself. Your willingness to always be working on yourself and your mental health and to be working on your marriage with Jason is so encouraging to me and my own life of mental health and with my husband. Thank you for being my friend!

October 14, 2019

Savannah+Abel//Springfield, Ohio

  1. Joseph Andrew Fraley says:

    Lovely Family..peace Joseph

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