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I was so excited to shoot at The Swan Lake Event Center. It has such a fresh feeling but classic at the same time, which seems to match Michelle and Robert perfectly. When I first met with the couple they were showing me renderings of what it would look like when it was built. I had not yet experienced seeing what a venue was “going to look like when built” and could only imagine! Once arriving it did not disappoint. My personal favorite part of the venue was the getting ready suites. Us ladies need our space! The wide open room with mirrors and racks to hang all of the bridesmaids dresses was just perfect to get all gussied up in.

There were lots of exciting nerves and jitters on the wedding day. Before the ceremony Michelle was so anxious, but she knew as soon as she would be up there standing with Robert that he would make her feel calm and everything would be just fine. (And thats exactly what happened!) The bride wasn’t the only one who was a little worked up. The flower girl was so adorably shy and such a cutie. So was so excited to get to the venue she put her shoes on the opposite feet! She was upset that she could only practice one time  at the rehearsal so I told her that she was just so good the first time that she didn’t even need a second try.

I loved seeing this bride and groom’s traditional views on marriage. Their sweet gentle spirit I know will affect many people that they are going to encounter during their life journey. I was privileged to be with the groomsmen before the ceremony as well as the bridesmaids as they all laid hands on the bride and groom as the each prayed for their future and gratefulness of their friends family and of each other.

October 15, 2019

Michelle + Robert Bell//Swan Lake Event Center, Powell Ohio

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