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Throughout the years I’ve seen some patterns appear when it comes to couples that matchup. Rachel and Drew is what I would like to call the caring type. Rachel is a nurse and Drew helps kids to be able to get into college. I’m so grateful for people like them who help our world go around.

Before Drew proposed he planned everything out and even took a video to show her parents the whole plan. Unfortunately mother nature had plans herself that included rain that day. Drew made up a story about needing to take a friend his phone charger but that they had to walk…in the rain! As they walked in the Arena District in downtown Columbus they got to the Union Station Arch. He said something about a legend that a certain marking was on the arch as a distraction for her to look for while he got the ring out. I bet kissing in the rain has a new romantic meaning for them now!

January 8, 2020

Rachel+Drew//Scioto Grove Metro Park//Grove City Ohio

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