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I was so excited to shoot with Kayla and Brandon because typically, in January I don’t get to shoot very much. This adorable couple got engaged late this fall and said “Why wait, let’s get married now!” So they scheduled their wedding for this spring and were lucky enough to get a neat venue that they loved at French Hen Farms. I know that their wedding is going to be so beautiful with Kayla’s great taste. They wanted to get their save the dates out quickly, so January is when they needed to be shot by. We may not have gotten snow but we got a warm sunny day with no breeze and lots of warm glowy light to add to this background of dreamy creamness! This is such a good example when people say they don’t know where to shoot or it’s a not in a green season. If you have good light you can literally make anything look pretty. It may have been chilly but the warm rays of the sun shine made these images appear to be warm and snuggly.

January 14, 2020


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