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Brittany and I met in college when we were freshmen through a mutual friend. The next four years we bonded over common values and the fact that we drove so far to school that no one but us understood. I’ve always admired Brittany for her focus and determination. She is the most disciplined person I know! Now look at us all grown up and married.

First off, it was so great to see her in person. After graduating she moved to Florida so I don’t get to see her often but when I’m on vacation. Everything she chose for the wedding was so her and such a perfect match! The specific date of their wedding was also Brittany’s parents anniversary. They have been married for 28 years! And also it was Chris’s brother and sister-in-law’s sixth anniversary too. While everyone was getting ready the bride’s mother informed me of this special date. If you’ve been married for that long you’ve definitely been through some life together. I instantly congratulated her and then she tells me some of the simplest and wisest marriage advice. To make things work it’s not only about compromise but the willingness to do so.

One of my favorite moments from the day was seeing Chris for the first look. He was excited to see his bride in the sweetest way. His reaction to her was so perfect. This moment had been a long time in the making, since high school. It only took them both to move down south and to start being friends again after college for all the pieces to fit together so that they could become more than just friends. “About time” Chris would add! I can’t wait to personally get to see what the next journey in life will give you, and I hope it’s twins because you guys could handle it!

January 16, 2020

Brittany + Chris Blanton// Little Turtle GC, Westerville, OH

  1. Penny Deel says:

    Jennifer, you are just the sweetest person!! I am so glad Brittany had you for a friend when we were all so far away.
    You did such a good job on the pictures, I would highly recommend you!

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