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Tyler and Abbie got married at Abbie’s family farm house that had been passed down for generations. However this is not your typical barn wedding but more like the cutest, colorful backyard wedding. You could see the great amount of creativity that was put into the whole wedding. From beautiful decorations made from plastic bottles, to the family that were in the kitchen cooking and creating her French cream puff cake and even Abbie customizing her vintage dress.

The whole day felt so much like home. I loved that everything had purpose and meaning of why it was chosen. The seat that they sat on during the reception was actually a small couch from a place where Abbie had worked. The couch had grandma‘s old afghan draped across the back.

During the ceremony I wish I could’ve had a recorder on Tyler when he spoke of his vows. If I didn’t know Tyler the way I do I would have swore he tore out a piece of poetry from a book.

When all of the toast were being made I loved the way that Abbie would look at Tyler whenever someone complimented him and who he was. Her gaze was just so in love and infatuated with Tyler. Meanwhile, a cousin recorded the speeches on Tylers 1990’s camcorder.

For their first dance they danced serious and then they couldn’t take it anymore and they had to bust out some silly dance moves. They just had a good time and enjoyed themselves in the moment. After leaving the wedding I felt like I had just been at a family reunion. Hanging out in the front yard at Grandmas under the tent everyone happy to be together. Lots of hugs were being shared. Lots of gratitude and appreciation being given. I truly believe that Abbie and Tyler were meant for each other both in their own quirkiness and in their own way how they have fun in life.

January 20, 2020

Tyler + Abbie//Ohio Backyard Wedding

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