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It was storming like crazy earlier that afternoon with it coming down to the wire for a decision to be made if the ceremony would be outside or in. And in the nick of time we were fortunate enough to get what we wanted. The ceremony was held outside and not a drop came down for the rest of the evening!
The Lord really worked through both of their lives weaving together their love story. They wanted to exchange letters before the ceremony. I had the pleasure of working with a videographer who captured the moments of them reading out loud their letters to each other. Not knowing what the other would be putting in their letter was the best part because it was so touching to hear just how much on the same page of life they truly are. Each of them talked about how they were an answer to their prayers for God providing them with a significant other who trusted in the Lord and pushed each other closer in their relationship to Jesus. The bride signed her letter off with “And don’t you be late to the alter!” And he signed his off “Don’t worry I won’t be late to the ceremony”.
After the ceremony is when I typically take photos of the family. When shooting the Grandparents of the groom I took a second to just take a picture of the two of them. His Grandpa put his arm around his wife and said “This is my bride right here!” and gave her a big kiss on the cheek and she giggled and gladly excepted. Later I had to laugh because I saw them dancing to a slow song on the dance floor and I heard him say “This is too slow for me.” And when Bruno Mars’s song Uptown Funk came on he says “This is more my speed” I hope to be like his Grandpa one day. (Pictured at the bottom of this blog.)
At the time of the father daughter dance, Kristin’s Dad cut up the rug with their dance that started out slow and traditional and ended in them busting out Synchronized moves and just like that the the dance floor was open.
Andrew unfortunately twisted his ankle going down the steps and re injured an old injury during the reception. He had to sit with ice on his ankle and kept it elevated most of the evening. Right before they did a sparkler send off he mustard up the strength to get through half of a song to dance with his bride for their first dance in the moonlight out on the patio.
J pops popsicles, a small business out of Columbus who makes these tasty frozen treats came and set up to hand popsicles out to the guest. What better way to take a break from the dance floor with a cold sickle! I had a watermelon mint popsicle and was in heaven!! I think this is the new must have at a summer wedding!

DJ//Turn Up Productions

Videographer//Daniel Cronk

Cake//Our Cupcakery

Popsicle Cart//J-Pops

Flowers//Villager Flowers & Gifts

Hair+Make up//Heidi Griffith

July 4, 2020

Kristin+Andrew Watts Wedding//Wren Farm, Mechanicsburg Ohio

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