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Erica and Tyler’s photos were shot on the property of their future home together. Currently there is a house standing but, it’s being gutted as we speak.

It’s in the stages of visions and dreams through the dust of what could be. This is also a special location to the couple because it’s where they will be saying their vows to each other under these beautiful trees. They swooned me with their plans of many many MANY edison bulb string lights that will be up this time next year for the reception! Plus there’s talk of wildflower planting…oh yes!

In the upstairs of this house are two smaller steps that you can go left or right on. While they were dating that seemed to just be their place. The place where decisions were made and conversations had that made them grow closer. I’m not sure of their future plans with this space but we most definitely had to take photos on those steps documenting that time in their lives.

I must say Tyler and Erica just seem so right together. What you don’t know, unless you’ve shot with me before, is at the beginning of shooting I give you direction on how to stand in a way that makes you look naturally comfortable and of course where to put your hands. Let me tell you, these two needed NO coaching! They were right off to the races from the first shot showing their genuine love for each other. Tyler and Erica both say they are living the dream being with each other. And I believe them.

August 17, 2020

Erica+Tyler’s Engagement Session//Urbana, Ohio

  1. Diane Moses says:

    Absolutely ahhhhmazing photos! Great job,Jennifer. So happy for my girl…and her guy!❤

  2. Cindy Akin says:

    You can just feel the love and happiness and the rightness of this Union! Love you both and, I agree with Diane, amazing photos! You capture their love!❤️

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