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Sarah and I both work in the wedding industry together. Obviously, I’m a photographer and she’s a graphic designer. We have opportunities to work together often. She will be designing a brides invitation well I’m editing another bride‘s wedding. It has been really fun over the years chatting about all the different wedding aspects that we like or what we would change. I would refer back to my wedding and she would talk about her future wedding. And for some reason it always seemed to be so far away. But here we are, Sarah is officially a bride!
Sarah and Tanner got married at their local Terre Haute United Methodist church just like she always imagined. Even though the phews weren’t shoulder to shoulder it was a lovely turn out. Her brother and I made a joke of saying “Good thing covid is going on because there would be 500 people at this wedding!”  Basically everybody In 100 mile radius knows Sarah.
Sarah is that type of friend that will be the last one to leave and make sure all the things are done and in order for you. The type of gal that really goes the extra mile. She has taught me over the years truly what it looks like to be a good friend to someone. She’s just good at being a friend. So there’s no surprise as to why she has so many best friends. I was not only the photographer for the day but also a bridesmaid along with 10 other girls! Let me just say, shooting a wedding in a bridesmaids dress is definitely different than my regular black maxi dress or jumpsuit that’s very movable!
As tradition, all of Sarah‘s brothers received a family heirloom pocket watch from their Dad on each of their wedding days. Sarah and I had wondered what he was going to do for her since she was a girl. Little did we know that he had a pocket watch that was her Great Grandmother’s.  A girl pocket watch. How cool. So Sarah. I also shot one of Sarah’s brothers wedding and watched him receive his pocket watch, so it was extra special to me that I knew the family tradition that was going on.
At the end of the day I see Tanner and Sarah fitting so well with each other. With all the extra work and never stop go getting, I’m sure that there’s not any goal this couple won’t accomplish together.

September 1, 2020

Sarah+Tanner Artz Wedding// St. Paris Ohio

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