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Michael and Savannah both wrote their vows to share with one another at the ceremony. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both of them had brought up their first date. Making references that they “just knew” that he was the one, and that she was the one from that moment on. I hear their first date was filled with Justin Bieber karaoke! And just let me add that their first dance song was “That’s What Love Is” also by Justin Bieber. (Oh my Belieber heart!)
All of the fine points of their wedding from the plexiglass signage, raspberry toped cupcakes, special earrings and watches gifted, and all the attention to detail that was put into the whole day really showed Savannah’s work ethic and what great style she has. I mean, THAT DRESS!! I’ve never seen the texture of the fabric it was made out of and I think she did an amazing job rocking it with confidence and elegance.
As the guest entered the reception, chips and salsa were waiting on them at their tables as they proceeded to place their orders at the Flying Pepper food truck. I loved the unique and personal touch that this added with a bit of urban flare down on the farm. During the toasts made by the best man, maid of honor and from Michael’s sister we got to enjoy hearing them share with friends and family the true colors of kindness the bride and groom so clearly live out. Since I went to high school with the groom I couldn’t help but agree with everything that was said. Especially the perfect way his sister described what a thoughtful jokester he is by pulling a little joke on him herself.
Michael’s dad is known for driving his old Ford around town. It made for the perfect vehicle to transport the bride to the ceremony. After the ceremony I just had to take some photos with Michael’s Dad and Mom in the truck. When you’ve been married for as many years as they have it’s something to celebrate. What better than lookin at hot in their truck!

September 18, 2020

Michael+Savannah Schaffner//Pretty Prairie Farm, Urbana Ohio

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