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Another year is in the books, I’m officially 28 years old as of September 28th 2020. This is the third year I’ve made a blog post about the things I’ve learned from the past year. Because I plan on looking back and reflecting I’m always making notes for this to be a reality in what I call my lightbulb journal. I remember just a couple of years ago I would have several bullet points in a single month of the information I had taken in. Last year it was fewer points and this year again, even fewer. In no way am I saying this is a negative thing but rather a way of pointing out that I’ve made progress.

You see, learning and knowing who I am, I was encouraged to take a more sober path in life. And I don’t mean sustaining from drugs and alcohol but having a less is more approach outlook. I naturally want more of EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. However, by doing the opposite for me creates freedom and room for my soul to breath, be still and have joy. Everything seems calmer in my life and mind. So when I say “I’ve not learned as much.” What I’m really saying is the couple things I have learned and taken on, I’ve really put them to the test. However, in true Jennifer fashion, I will always have several projects going and be talking about the next thing I want to do. *See bottom of this post*😉

I’m finding peace in the mundane and rhythms of everyday life. I’m learning that I want to live in a simplistic way. Uncovering meaning in the small daily tasks because of what they represent. Folding clothes and doing the dishes provides for my family in a way that keeps everyone’s lives moving smoothly so that we can all be who were supposed to be and do the things we’re supposed to be doing each day.

With that being said I’ll lightly touch on something Jesus is teaching me. The devil wants to distract us in the monotony that life can bring and makes it seem meaningless. What’s the point of it all? All these little tasks we do over and over and over. Satan wants you to live in the past or the future thinking about what could have been, or things would just be better, if and when. But the truth of the matter is that a quality of being in a relationship with God is being present in the moment and participating in the wonders and mystery of what God is doing in THAT moment. (Concept from the author Addison Bevere.)

On a much lighter note I want to talk hair and make up. It was one of my New Years Resolutions to dress for the correct occasion and be put together almost everyday. Which to me means wearing the correct outfit to whatever activity you’re about to do. And looking the best you can most of the time with something on your face and hair thought of for the day. Not for vanity or to be superficial but to be more disciplined and act like a grown woman. In the past I’ve thought that you had to spend too much money on make up that was “good” then ultimately just wash it down the drain so why bother? I Started watching Youtubers show you dupes for high end products and thought I would give things a better try.

I got a magnifying mirror, better light and some new tools to experiment with. I also started taking a more aggressive approach to my skin care. Using some old school products that your grandma probably used. When I meet an older woman who looks amazing I ask her what she does for her skin. Typically they say a name brand that’s been around for a long time and nothing too complicated. So, I went for it! Hello PONDS! I also smear on loads of coconut oil and a retinal cream.

I think some women say they don’t know where to begin on a glow up journey but I believe there is no shame in not knowing how to use products or know whats out there. Just start somewhere! Although I’m no beauty blogger, the reality is, who cares what brand your make up is, where you got your clothes and if you go to the salon to get your hair done! It’s all about pulling yourself together to make a personal effort and take pride in yourself bringing out the confidence of our inner beauty. And incase no one else is telling you, don’t feel like you’ve got to keep up with all these trends and social media bologna. Because that’s all it is. Bologna.

I’ve recently heard someone say that they are living their dream at 25 years old. After hearing that it got me thinking about what I even thought about “dreams”. American culture tells you to be living the “American Dream” and to dream bigger and BIGGER! As you may have figured out with me, I am so intrigued by the future and sometimes tend to fixate too much on it because it excites me so much. When someone tells me I can do something really big if I want, they are my type of people! No limitations, heck yes! In fact one day I just thought I would arrive at this so called “Big Dream”. Only I didn’t have anything in mind specifically and just kept doing things I enjoyed doing. So upon hearing someone say that they had “made it” gave me some weird sense of acceptance in my own life and realize that your dream doesn’t have to be so far away & that the present is okay. And, you don’t have to put so much focus on your future and it’s acceptable to be living it up and be in your 20’s. I am truly living a dream that I grow more and more grateful for each day.

Jumping into the appearance department again I feel I’ve built up characteristics of what my personal style is. Whether it’s shopping for clothes or my home I know what I like and have a clear sense of direction in making choices. Knowing that feels so good! (I bet it’s a woman thing😉) I’ve never felt more sure of myself and stepping into everything I’m supposed to be right now in my life.

And last but not least some fun things I’ve learned about myself:

My love of LoFi music. My husband calls it elevator music.

The new found appreciation for 80’s music but not 80’s rock. eww.

I started drinking lacroix. Then decided I’m a Bubbly girl instead. Those darn little tabs saying “Hello” just get me!

I’ve accomplished knowing how to make a classic apple pie from scratch.

Whats up on the horizon? I’m starting to work on making a journaling product that will help you document your life in a quick and meaningful way. If you don’t have a lot of time to sit down to yourself, want to find more joy in your life, live intentionally and not taking your life for granted please message me and lets talk! I’ve got ideas and would love some people to help me find some puzzle pieces.

September 29, 2020

The Year I turned 28. Looking back at the lessons of 27.

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