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The DeWeese’s were married at the Alrosa in Columbus, Ohio.  It’s a family owned music bar that was started by Rosa’s Grandparents. Al for Grandpa and Rosa for Grandma. Who knew a couple of generations later someone named “Al”ex would be marring Rosa’s granddaughter, Rosa! The bride spent a lot of time growing up there and it feels like home so what a perfect and fun place to have a wedding!

The bridal party headed over to the The Hilton hotel in Easton to get ready at. This is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in. There were several locations to shoot in which made their portraits so much fun! With beautiful architecture ,the windows, green space and the chandlers, which I kept saying looked like Lady Gaga designed them!

Alex and Rosa opted for doing a first look however, there was a twist to it. Alex had his back turned and Rosa walked up to him and turned around herself making them stand back to back as she grabbed Alex’s hand letting him know she was there. Each of them wrote their own vows to each other in a little booklet which they brought with them. They each took their turn and read their vows out loud to each other. Yes, these were the same vows that would be read aloud again in front of everyone at the ceremony but there was something so intimate about them sharing what they wrote in just their presence first. After reading their vows they turned around to each other seeming them in all of their bridal attire glory.

Since the ceremony and reception area was an actual concert venue we were all so excited for quality lighting to really add to the celebration in the atmosphere. Alex’s grandpa stole the night when he sang “It’s A Wonderful World” by Louie Armstrong while Alex and his mom did their special dance and then switched off to finish the dance with his new wife. I know Alex was over the moon with how proud he was to be experiencing this with how much he loves his grandpa.

All of the decor from the cake display, the back drop, table decorations and more all had circles on them. I love during a ceremony when the officiant says that the rings have no beginning or end neither shall your love. I like to think of that concept was sprinkled all around the room for everyone to see that as a representation of their love for each other.

November 5, 2020

Alex+Rosa DeWeese’s Wedding//Alrosa in Columbus, Ohio

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