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Madison and Zach are in one of the most thrilling times of their lives! They are about to tie the knot and just bought a house together. At the time of the shoot Zach pulls up with his car all in it’s moving prime time glory with extra things that needed to be delivered. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your future home as a Mr and Mrs coming together right before your eyes with his and her stuff.

One of the first things Madsion said to me when meeting her for the first time is the importance of photos and documenting their lives. **All the photographers do a happy dance!!** This is my favorite thing to hear because I know how much they will cherish the photographs that I’m about to shoot for them.

When discussing what the over all vibe and essences of the shoot would capture we decided to highlight a personal hobby of theirs. Brewing their own beer. So what better then to head down to Mother Stewart’s where their brick is perfect and all the plant joy is happening.

Mother Sewart’s was even kind enough to let us go see where the real magic happens in all the huge brewing drums. We finished off the evening as the sun went behind the buildings walking down Rose City Mural walk way.

February 3, 2021

Madison+Zach’s Engagement Session// Downtown Springfield Ohio

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