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My friends Cassie and Luke have purchased their first home. I remember the days when they lived in their apartment and Cassie would talk about how much she couldn’t wait for them to have a home to make it their own. And here they are, in just a year they’ve made so much progress. From tearing down walls, adding a laundry room, new flooring everywhere and the list goes on and on of what they have already accomplished.

Their newest adventure has come in the form of a new puppy! He is a Labrador who is as cute as a button. When I first got there they warned me he probably won’t take very good pictures. He seems to not want to cooperate during FaceTime sessions with his Grandparents.
But he was quite the opposite! Miller did absolutely amazing. We made a joke that we were going to get a sponsorship for for him. I have high hopes for Mr. Miller!
Cassie kept me up to date as to when the kitchen floors would be put it so we could take pictures that can show off this stage of their life. New house, new dog, new floors more love. Miller always stayed close by when we were taking photos. It does seem that his modeling was quite a tough job because he kept falling asleep!
I was greeted with wags and wiggles and I said goodbye with some cuddles! I’m so proud of how far my friends have come in such a short time in their marriage and family.

May 5, 2021

Meeting Miller

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