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Sam, Mary and I met on a cloudy and quite windy day at a location that is near and dear to Mary’s heart. Her aunts pond. It’s a place where Mary grew up spending some of her fondest memories as a kid. This will also be the location where Mary and Sam will spend their first minutes together as husband and wife with their close family and friends for their ceremony this summer. We finished up our session in the pasture with a cow named Carl…who’s a girl.

I already knew Mary since we attended the same high school together. It was so nice getting to catch up and see where she’s at in life and making a difference in our world with the work she’s doing. This was my first time meeting Sam. So humble and kind and at the same time I guarantee is smarter than anyone I’ve met. Like literally. He studies space. One of the coolest things someone does for their job. Once he started telling me later in our session that he felt bad for a cat in the alley and started feeding it by his old apartment and made friends with his older neighbor lady, I knew this was a great guy just for Mary. [ I’ve been told this friend will be at the wedding too!]

Getting to hear how they ended up meeting online and had not 1, but 2 dates in the same day for their first time meeting each other really says it all for clicking with someone! Watching how much they flirted together while shooting was so heart warming to watch. I felt like I was hanging out with teenagers, in the best way, with all their laughter and playing together and non stop teasing. After excepting Sam’s proposal and he slipped the ring on she took a ring off she was wearing at the time and gave it to him so he could wear. He still wears it. You can see it in their photos in this post. I love the cheesy details. Here for it all day!

I’m looking forward to their wedding day! I know they will be doing their best to live in the moment and soak up every memory they are able to. All while being hand in hand and of course… joking with each other. 

April 22, 2022

Mary+Sam’s Engagement Session

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