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The spring 2024 musical performed by Mechanicsburg High School was Fiddler on the Roof. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the past 2 years and now look forward to it each year. When I was attending high school myself for whatever reason we didn’t do any productions which makes me sad because being a part of these would have been a blast!

Nonetheless, these plays are truly a wonderful work all wrapped into a three day weekend bringing talented kids, skilled musicians and everyone’s number one fans, us community members together to cheer them all on!

It’s actually like a little reunion each night seeing old classmates or your friend’s parents who you’ve not seen in awhile. Waiting to be seated and during intermission is when you do all your chatting and catch up with everyone!

I feel extra honored that I know personally several of the cast members and people who ran the set behind the scenes. The character placement couldn’t have been better with their personalities already and the best are the ones who are quiet people in a social setting but are able to bring such life and exuberance to the stage leaving you so proud of them!

Since they worked on memorizing lines, songs and dances for months ocasally I would hear them under their breath singing the songs that were so clearly stuck in their heads from practice. I found it endearing when a fellow cast mate would sing back in those moments. Fast forward to seeing the play and the songs and lines would have several other actors and dances all to go along with it. I’m beyond proud of this year’s delightful show!

Below are a few of my favorites and to view all of the images check out this gallery and feel free to save them and share them with the people in the photos.

March 12, 2024

Fiddler on the Roof// Spring Musical // Mechanicsburg High School

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